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Our offering

We invest in selected legal proceedings, facilitating access to justice. At the same time, we generate attractive returns for our investors. Our offers include assuming the cost risk in high-value legal disputes, monetizing claims, and financing portfolios of disputes. Our investments are non-recourse. We provide solutions for claimants, and in specific constellations also for defendants.

Direct funding of legal disputes in Continental Europe

Primary investments in selected funds worldwide

Secondary investments in litigation finance portfolios worldwide

Our funding process

When a funding application clears our conflicts checks, we will ask for a detailed case memorandum and budget, including an estimated timeframe of the proceedings. This allows us to draw up a tailor-made funding model. If the case meets our funding criteria, we provide a term sheet setting out the main conditions of a potential funding agreement. During the following period of exclusivity, we conduct further due diligence. If at the end of our due diligence we approve the case for funding, we enter into a funding agreement with the client.

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