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Our team regularly contributes to legal and finance publications and speaks at conferences. We invite you to gain valuable information and food for thought from our publications.

Dos and Don’ts in Litigation Finance (in German)

A practical introduction to litigation finance (from a Swiss perspective)

Interview for Legal Industry Review Mexico: Lucas Macedo and Detlef Huber

A Q&A on Legal Finance in Latin America and beyond

Through the Looking Glass – the Rise of ESG Risks

II Nivalion Legal Finance
Summit Report

Third Party Funding in Latin America

A review of the Litigation Funding Agreement’s legal nature in various Latin American jurisdictions

Competition Law and Third-Party Funding in Brazil

Brazil’s Revamped Private Enforcement System

Third Party Funding in Austria

Your Q&A one-stop-shop about disputes funding in Austria

Third Party Funding in Belgium

Your Q&A one-stop-shop about disputes funding in Belgium

Third Party Funding in France

Your Q&A one-stop-shop about disputes funding in France

Third Party Funding in Luxembourg

Your Q&A one-stop-shop about disputes funding in Luxembourg

Third Party Funding in Sweden

Your Q&A one-stop-shop about disputes funding in Sweden

Third Party Funding in Switzerland

Your Q&A one-stop-shop about disputes funding in Switzerland

A concise check-list on TPF in Austria (in German)

A concise check-list on TPF in Austria (in German)

TPF and Investment Arbitration Rules

The Scope of Rules Revisions: Finding TPF’s place in Investment Arbitration

Austria and Funding

A detailed review of the legal and related issues of third party funding in Austria

TPF and the ICSID Rules Reform

Why the ICSID Rules do not need to specifically address funding

Nivalion: Bringing a unique approach to funding

A Continental European funder goes global

2021 ICC Rules and TPF

ICC recognizes TPF in its 2021 Rules

Funding of investor-state disputes

A review of Alexander Hoffmann’s in-depth dissertation on the topic

Funding competition claims

Covid-19: impact on the funding of competition claims and the funding industry in general

ATE insurance and litigation funding

Why and when does the combination of these concepts make sense?

„Les nouveaux justiciers“

Increasing court costs stimulate the demand for third party funding

Litigation Funding and Predictive Analytics

The marriage of legal finance and predictive analytics

Prozesskosten-übernahme gegen eine Beteiligung (nur) am Prozesserlös

A concise overview of the litigation funding offering

Kosteneffiziente Rechtsdurchsetzung

A hands-on guide to litigation finance of international disputes

Prozessfinanzierung für Unternehmen

An introduction to litigation finance for corporations

Prozessfinanzierung in der Schweiz

The initial in-depth legal analysis of litigation funding in Switzerland

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