Benefits for corporates

Disputes are expensive and unpredictable. Even companies who have the necessary resources often shy away from disputes for reasons unrelated to the merits of their case. The costs of litigation are often not taken in account, damaging short and medium-term cost planning and reducing operating profits. This is often not compensated – even if a claim is resolved successfully – as the proceeds are restrictively recorded as operating income but often treated as a one-off item.

Legal finance frees up capital and improves budgeting and cash management by moving legal costs and risks off the balance sheet

With Nivalion underwriting the cost and risk of a legal dispute, adverse accounting issues do not arise. There is no downturn on profitability and no need to make provision for adverse costs. Instead, external funding allows a corporation to focus on its operations by using the company’s capital for core business and innovation.

We offer adverse cost protection via our exclusive ATE insurance solution

Our specialists look forward to answering questions about legal risk and budget management