Direct Funding

Financing of single cases

We support parties in the pursuit of their arbitration and litigation by underwriting all costs of the proceedings, including adverse cost risk. Our minimum threshold is usually EUR 7 million in dispute, although we do fund smaller claims in selected cases.

Our geographical scope extends to most jurisdictions across Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. Depending on individual circumstances, we also offer funding for defence cases.

As a return on our investment, we receive a portion of a successful outcome. If the proceedings are unsuccessful, we bear the risk of losing our entire investment and therefore receive nothing in return (non-recourse). The client carries none of the risk, and therefore repays nothing to us. Our share is negotiated on a case-by-case basis and depends upon a variety of factors. We usually seek multiples of the agreed budget, sometimes combined with a percentage of the recovered proceeds including caps and floors of the maximum and minimum amounts of our entitlement, subject to a successful outcome.

Portfolios financing

We support companies by financing portfolios of multiple disputes. Essentially, there are no limits to how such a portfolio may be structured: We can also fund defences of claims amongst other claims. Because our investment and return are spread across the portfolio, we are able to offer more attractive terms than financing a single-case.

Claim monetisation

Monetisation develops the value of notified court judgments, arbitral awards and claims. This removes pending litigation risk, accelerates cash flow and optimises revenue timing irrespective of the stage of the proceedings.

Legal finance for corporates

Legal finance offers attractive benefits for corporates.